Sunday, January 25, 2015


I awoke as a nub of pollen, drifting on the wind. It felt good. I hadn't had too many cares beforehand, but now I was just cruising wherever the day should take me, cool wind buffeting me around, supporting me like a great invisible pillow. I began to think about my new life as pollen, and wonder how much I really knew about my kind. I was pretty sure we had some role in the sex life of bees, and possibly we were like heroin for some species of bird, but this was all hazy hearsay from my school days when I stared out the windows and imagined many things, but never that this pollen talk would someday be so relevant to me. I certainly hoped I was right about the bee sex thing. As a human I had always greatly enjoyed sex, and if I couldn't somehow be involved in bee or bird sex, I didn't see much hope of me having any in this new pollen nub life.

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