Monday, January 5, 2015


Pianos were falling from the sky and I have to say, it made me pretty nervous. I generally think myself a lucky guy and you think to yourself, "that'll never happen to me, a piano falling on my head?" But when they're falling left, right and centre, making huge holes in the ground as they plunge down toward the molten core of the earth, the odds can start to make you a little uneasy. plus there's all those holes to fall in now. I've always wanted to visit the centre of the earth, but maybe in a special suit on some kind of well planned expedition with some scienticians, not just falling in a hole made by a piano and screaming in terror the whole way down and never getting to enjoy all the sights.


  1. Hey Richie, Johnny El P recommended this blog to me and I'm so glad he did because these posts are beautifully written and they're bringing a smile to my face. The writing I do first thing in the morning is usually to remember my dreams, and these scenes and stories remind me of that not-quite-reality. Thanks for publishing, I look forward to tomorrow's entry!

  2. glad you enoyed them! sorry todays one is so lame