Monday, April 13, 2015


JULIE: "I want a lasagna"
RICHIE: "What kind of lasagna you want?"
JULIE: "I want a brang lasagna"
RICHIE: "What is a brang lasgna?"
JULIE: "It's a lasagna that you didn't have to make, somebody just brang it to you"
RICHIE: "I see. Do you want some chinese ribs too?"
JULIE: "What are chinese ribs?"
RICHIE: "You've never heard of chinese ribs? These are chinese ribs!"

Richie proceeds to elbow Julie in the ribs, breaking several.

JULIE: "Damnit, man, that gag only works with Chinese people, You need to make an adjustment and call them Iraqi ribs if you going to do that to me again. But don't do that to me again."

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