Sunday, May 10, 2015


The twelve signs of the zodiac are as follows:
the freaky monkey that ate all the peanuts
the moon in the shape of a pomegrante
the tamarin seed that harbours the sexual power of omar sharifs moustache
the moustache that is full of crumbs but they are crumbs of such quality that they must be collected
the collected works of edgar allan poe blended up with some kale into a smoothie
a smooth talking hustler named MORRIS DAY
A day and night pill that comes to life and runs rampant then goes to sleep mid rampage
A ram whose horns is so twisty you get hypnotized by them and don't realize he has eaten all your grass
a grassy knoll that holds secrets
how many is that?
A victoria's secret catalogue that masturbates while watching you sleep
A sleeping polar that kills any who dare to wake it
a waking dream that that has a light around it
that's them
that's the 12 signs of the zodiac

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