Tuesday, November 22, 2016


A giant worm the size of a worm that is bigger than other worms pressed itself against a building and made it all slimy. The building was grossed out and ran away to wash the worm juice off it in the bathroom. As the building looked at itself in the mirror, it got to thinking about how it'd spent all of it's life so far just standing there in the city, providing a place of shelter for humans to conduct their financial transactions. In a way it could feel good about this life of quiet service, but right now the building felt indignant about never having looked out for it's own needs. It shook all the people out of itself and heading to the railroad tracks. It would hop a boxcar and start getting into all the adventures it had missed out. At least three per day. First it would need a handkerchief to tie around it's neck. And a good knife.

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