Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Chinatown and the august moon was pink and yellow and a little white, the colours were shifting as the clouds went by. I could hear firecrackers going off and in the window of a restaurant there was a ruckus going on. The lobster waiter was trying to grab a lobster out of the tank but they were all ducking and weaving and giving him a lot of trouble. He reached right in and two lobsters clamped his shirtsleeve and pulled. He tumbled straight into the tank and crashed right through the window. Lobster water and lobster rocks and lobsters spilled right out into the street. The lobsters went scuttling off into laneways and down into sewerage drains and up drain pipes, and in a few seconds it was just me and the wet lobster waiter alone on the street in the yellow and pink and white moonlight.

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